How It Works

How Hoop Tracker Works: Before You Shoot While You Shoot After You Shoot

Before You Shoot

Attach the SmartWatch to your non-shooting hand, place the shot detector on the rim with the mounting pole, select your shooting program, and you’re ready to shoot! The SmartWatch and shot detector will automatically track the make or miss of each shot.

While You Shoot

Simply follow the game or shooting session you selected and the SmartWatch will automatically track shooting statistics for every major area on the court. If our shooting programs don’t match your game you can customize your own.

After You Shoot

This is where things get really cool. Upload your data and track your progress long term, analyze your strengths/weaknesses, win trophies for milestones, and share your success on Facebook and Twitter.

Why Use Hoop Tracker

There's an old saying that goes "How can you get any better if you don't know how good you are to begin with?" People perform better and improve more efficiently if they're able to track and measure progress. Quantified Athlete = Better Athlete.

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