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Hoop Tracker - Make Every Shot Count
The first automatic shot tracking basketball SmartWatch. Provides real-time 3PT, FT, and FG percentages.


Improve your basketball shooting with Hoop Tracker's Real-Time tracking SmartWatch. View your shooting performance, track progress over time, analyze strengths/weaknesses, and take your game to the next level. Plus a lot more!

Simply login to your free account on HoopTracker.com and sync your Hoop Tracker SmartWatch data to see detailed reports on all aspects of your shot. Your own personal box score for every shooting workout. Track your progress with detailed graphs to highlight and chart your shooting improvement.

Size: One size fits all.
Colors: Currently Hoop Tracker comes in its main orange/black color.
Hoop Tracker System includes: SmartWatch, USB Connector, Wireless Detector, Mounting Pole, and Online Portal Software.