The Software

The Software: Dashboard Shot Report Track Progress Stats / Location Trophies Coach Mode


View your shooting performance, track progress over time, analyze strengths/weaknesses, and take your game to the next level.

Shot Report

Detailed report on all aspects of your shot. Your own personal box score for every shooting workout.

Track Progress

Track your progress with detailed graphs to highlight and chart your shooting improvement.

Stats Per Location

The court can be broken down into 15 key areas. We’ve got you covered on all of them from points, percentages, and ratios.


You can earn all types of trophies and badges for great shooting performances and reaching personal milestones. Motivation anyone?

Coach Mode

Calling all Coaches. Customize and monitor shooting workouts for all of your players. Detailed reports show you each players shooting performance and progress.

Why Use Hoop Tracker

There's an old saying that goes "How can you get any better if you don't know how good you are to begin with?" People perform better and improve more efficiently if they're able to track and measure progress. Quantified Athlete = Better Athlete.

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