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Hoop Tacker Training & Games track real-time: 3PT FT FG percentages.

Hoop Tracker is designed for both serious and casual players. Regardless of which describes you, our training programs and games make shooting around more productive, fun, and competitive.

The Hoop Tracker comes with 5 training programs built around the typical shooting areas of each position: PG, SG, SF, PF, and C. If our training programs don’t match your game, you can customize your own using our software and download it to the watch.

Hoop Tracker Games: 3 PT Contest FT Challenge All 3’s ALL FT’s ALL FG’s Shoot Around Score 100

Hoop Tracker Games

3 Point Contest

How many 3 PT’s you can make out of 25? Can you compete with the pro’s on All-Star Weekend?

FT Challenge

How many FT’s can you make out of 40? Develop this crucial skill and continually challenge yourself to beat your personal best.

All 3’s

The name says it all…you need to extend your game beyond the 3PT line and this will help. Take 100 shots, all 3PT’s.


How is it some professional basketball players are such poor free throw shooters? Our guess is lack of practice and focus. This game helps with both.


One of the important aspects of any player’s game is making your opponent respect your jump shot. It’s opens up everything else. Develop your jump shot from mid to long range.

Shoot Around

A mix and match of all basketball shots. Develop a well-rounded arsenal.

Score 100

Just as the name would suggest. Score 100 points as quickly as you can.

Training Programs

Shooting programs customized around the position you play.


PG Training program


SG Training program


SF Training program


PF Training program


C Training program

Why Use Hoop Tracker

There's an old saying that goes "How can you get any better if you don't know how good you are to begin with?" People perform better and improve more efficiently if they're able to track and measure progress. Quantified Athlete = Better Athlete.

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